Solutions for SMALLER THAN SMALL Businesses.

No matter what type of business you run we can help you. Coupend is designed for businesses on a shoe string budget that are smaller than small. We have been there and we hear you. Coupend was founded because of the experiences I had while trying to run a very small retail business on my own.


The first step in today's day and age is to get yourself a website and I knew this. Well fortunately for me I have been a web designer and developer since 1998. This didn't stop me from checking out the going rate however because I was not the type of developer that works for the general public. You can imagine how shocked I was when I quickly realized that a website like the one I wanted to build would run 2 to $3K. That didn't even include any kind of advertising. Even solutions like WIX that get you by letting you start for free are extremely costly in the long run because they nickel and dime you to death by charging you for even the simplest of extras.


Here I was thinking it is 2014 and there is literally a million ways to advertise my business with the advent of the internet. The problem is that many of these solutions sound great on the surface but they can be very costly. As a matter of fact I got angry when I did more research on Daily Deal sites like Groupon. They expect you to give a 50% discount on an item and then on top of that they take 50% of that. ARE YOU KIDDING ME? This is a great service if you are the retailer buying the product. It is also great if you are the Daily Deals site because you make money for basically doing nothing. The problem is that even if you can only do basic mathematics you will quickly realize that this is NOT a good solution for a very small business. Then to add complete insult to injury they may not even accept my business. WOW there has to be a better way.


Coupend was designed for smaller than small businesses. We have come up with a very affordable system that will get you a professional website AND advertise it all in the same place. Oh and here is the best part. You can get started with Coupend for less than $50 for your first year. Yes you heard that right $50 FOR A FULL YEAR not a month a YEAR. There are NO HIDDEN COST'S EVER!


Coupend is currently being built and we expect it to be finished by Mid 2015 . Coupend is a completely transparent project so if you would like to find out more we will gladly discuss the project with you.